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Who is BLK Pro Detail

My name is Andrei, and from a young age, I developed a keen interest in automobiles, particularly BMWs. My journey commenced at the age of 17, when I acquired my first BMW. Despite being unable to drive it due to the absence of a driver's license until I turned 18, I dedicated myself to meticulously maintaining the vehicle. Each day, I diligently tended to its upkeep, ensuring it remained in pristine condition in anticipation of the day I could finally take it on the road.


Now, twelve years later, my dedication to automotive excellence has only deepened. Throughout this time, I have consistently upheld the highest standards of vehicle maintenance, realizing that my affinity for cars transcends mere hobbyism—it is a true passion. It was this realization that led me to establish BLK PRO DETAIL, a venture of which I am immensely proud.

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